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Jon Lord “Concerto for Group and Orchestra”

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Hi Everybody

2009 started with Jon Lord “Concerto for Group and Orchestra” in Zurich and Lucerne.
Can`t imagine some better start indeed.

It was simply unforgettable from the very first note till the very end.
Jon (and his music) was and still is one of my greatest heros.To play with him was (without any doubt) a highlight of my entire musical career.

Yes we did play ” Child in Time” as the last encore.I can still feel shivers running up my spine thinkin` of that magical Jon`s intro,the band and the orchestra playing together and those standing ovations (shows were sold out) from the wonderful audience that lasted about 20 mins afterwards.
That was much more that dreams come true,beyond the words,beyond the notes…some¬†higher, truly spiritual ground.

During the second show in Lucerne Jon became a grandfather. It happened right before the second part that starts with “Pictured Within” song.If you know the lyics there`s a part that says …miracle of children,a poet and a pilgrim..
Don`t you think that`s amazing? Oh I do!

And boy what a line up we had:Jon Lord on Hammond organ and piano,Steve Lee(Gotthard) and Katarzyna Laska on vocals,Guy Pratt (Pink Floyd) on bass,Bernhard Welz (I.Paice,D.Airey) on drums,Michael Reid on northumbrian pipe,playing side by side with Nota Bene Simphony Orchestra from Zurich,conducted by Massimiliano Matesic.Leo Leoni (Gotthard) special guest on acoustic guitar (Gotthard`s song “Tomorrow`s Just Begun”)

Thanks Jon and thank you all for every single moment during that precious time.Hope to see you soon.

Happy New Year to all of you who might visit my site,and all the others who might not.
Stay happy,stay healthy and let the music be your master.




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